Tape-In Hair Extensions

Get the length and volume you’ve been missing with high-quality, human hair tape-in hair extensions.

Non-Damaging Hair Extensions & Application

The Best Hair Extensions on the Market

Tape-in hair extensions are one of the most popular options for those looking to achieve a natural (or dramatic!) increase in length and volume with minimal damage to your natural hair. Cost-effective, these extensions can be re-used, usually lasting for approximately a year depending on care and use. Tape-in extensions come in many different colors and lengths, allowing you to customize to your needs.

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Thin wefts of hair (~1 inch wide) are “taped-in”, using safe, heat-activated tape strips that attach to your own hair. These are strategically placed in order to properly blend the extensions in. The thin wefts allow the extensions to lie flat, creating a natural effect.


Tape-in extensions do require regular upkeep. As they are attached to your real hair, they grow out as your hair does. You will need to have the extensions removed and re-applied every 4-6 weeks.

Care must be taken while washing and brushing the hair, as well as when sleeping, so as not to pull on or weaken the tape. Laura will recommend brushes and products to use, as well as provide details on daily/weekly care. Proper care will prolong the life of your extensions and keep you looking your best.

As a trade off, many with tape-in extensions find that they have to style their hair much more infrequently and the hair holds a style for days.


Proper removal is required to avoid damage to your natural hair. Laura will use a special solution to break the bonds in the tape and carefully remove from your hair.

Some extensions may come out on their own prior to your appointment for removals. If this happens, carefully and gently separate from your hair and comb through any residue.


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